Sergey Boutramenko is the Master Diamond/Gemstone Setter & Expert Fine Jewellery Specialist at Linara Fine Jewellery, a Bespoke Design Studio specializing in custom design for engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewellery, whose passion for excellence goes above and beyond.

Sergey was born in Belarus and after living in Israel and Immigrating to Canada over 20 years ago, Sergey’s worldly influences reflect in his knowledge of fine jewellery. Sergey’s Masters Degree in Engineering taught him the precision and attention to detail necessary for an Apprenticeship at a Luxury Jewellery Manufacturer specializing in invisible settings.

It is during his 20 year career in the jewellery industry that he has been involved in a number of unique projects creating high-end art jewellery pieces that have require the utmost professionalism, talent and creativity to which he still brings to every project and piece.

A Master Diamond & Gemstone Setter with expertise in Optical Diamond Setting, Sergey utilizes the latest techniques to place every diamond and gemstone. He is educated in Rhino 3D CAD design, modeling, prototyping and rendering, and specializes in Micropave – a unique form of microscopic setting requiring the utmost precision – Intricately Set Pave and Diamond setting for engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewellery.

His ability to combine innovative techniques, methods and high tech tools and equipment make him the perfect person to create your impeccable piece. His meticulous attention to detail will ensure he can assist you with any custom jewellery piece no matter the sophistication or complexity, and will interpret your idea and design into a unique piece of jewellery or wearable art.