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Welcome to RapNet – the Rapaport Global Diamond Trading Network for Diamonds and the most advanced & trusted Diamond Search Engine in the World.

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About RapNet:

  • Exclusive Online Diamond Trading Network of more than 6,000 Qualified Members from 90+ Countries
  • with Daily Listings of over 770,000 Certified Diamonds valued over $5 billion
  • Real-Time Global Market Offering Instant Access to the Best Diamonds at the Best Prices.
  • the World’s Largest and Most Secure Business-to-Business Diamond Trading Network with Full Pricing Transparency

About the Rapaport Group

The Rapaport Group is an international network of companies providing added value services that support the development of free, fair and competitive global diamond markets. Established in 1978, the Rapaport Diamond Report is the primary source of diamond prices and market information. Group activities include publishing, research and marketing services, internet information and diamond trading networks, global rough and polished diamond tenders, diamond certification, quality-control, compliance and financial services. Major activities of the group include the development of markets for Fair Trade Diamonds and Jewelry as well as the creation of diamond futures markets.