Signet Rings

Signet 1

Signet Ring is a finger ring engraved with a signet, seal or monogram, and typically adorned with someone’s initials or unique designs. Signet Rings are trendy again with a growing interest in customized stylish stand-out bespoke Rings. Nowadays, modern man has almost limitless possibilities when it comes to fit, construction or design of the Signet Ring.

We offer a modern interpretation of antique Signet Rings that can be personalized with rare gemstones like Blue or Black Star Sapphires, Diamond Initials, Engraved Initials or even with Art-Inspired motifs interpreted into unique one-of-a-kind Men’s Ring Settings.

Explore our contemporary collection of recently completed custom Signet Rings in various popular shapes such as: classic Round, conservative Oval, elegant Cushion, and more unique shapes as Octagon, Square and Rectangle. All our Signet Ring Settings are customizable and can be made in your choice of metal: 10kt, 14kt or 18kt gold or platinum. Your Bespoke Signet Ring can be adorned with your favorite diamonds or gemstones in any popular setting style: pave, micropavé, channel, bezel or prong, and engraved with your monogram, initials, signature or unique motifs.

Check out our Gallery and new Portfolio page and learn more about our craftsmanship and the design process. Design your own Signet Ring. It could be your Statement ring or Heirloom to be passed through generations to commemorate a special occasion like a graduation, a wedding, or an important birthday.