Ethical Colourless Sidestones

/Ethical Colourless Sidestones


We offer matched pairs of diamonds to accent a centerpiece in three stone ring or other multi-stone rings like five stone or seven stone rings.

We also offer Matching certified diamonds for your custom-made multi-stone jewellery like rings, pendants, bracelets or necklaces.

Linara can assist you in finding Matching diamond Sidestones for Anniversary rings, Eternity rings and multi-row Wedding bands. We can supply commonly used matched side-stones such as rounds, princess cuts, pear shapes, radiants, marquise shaped, and rare types of gems like brilliant cut half-moons, straight or tapered baguettes, and diamond trapezoids and many more.

We NOW offer Ethical Canadian melee diamonds by Canadamark and Arcticmark melee for your diamond accents & sidestones with remarkable qualities and traceable origins.

Our unique Canadian melee diamonds are available in classic round cut & fancy cuts; emerald, princess oval, pear, marquise, triangle, trillion, baguette. We can make any custom designs for a truly perfect ring.

Schedule an appointment with us and learn more about the important characteristics which you can choose for your matched diamonds with our craftsmanship.