Men’s Wedding Rings

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Men’s Wedding Rings

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Jewellery for Gentlemen – Explore the world of Men’s Jewellery in the 21-century and find unique Men’s Wedding Bands for the Groom! Browse our Gallery of recently completed men’s custom projects and learn about our outstanding craftsmanship. Discover our distinctive Signet Rings – modern adaptations of timeless designs, and other contemporary bold creations. Get inspired and craft your unique custom wedding jewellery with us to signify your lifetime commitment.

Linara offers a great selection of stylish Men’s Wedding Bands in different styles and materials, accessorized according to your favorite diamonds or gemstones and personalized with custom finishes and engravings fitted to your lifestyle and to those ways in which you wish to express your personality.

Your custom wedding ring can be made in either gold or platinum with your choice of metal colour and quality. Our Men’s Wedding Rings collection is comprised of Timeless Classic Wedding BandsArtisan crafted RingsDiamond RingsPlatinum Rings and Signet rings custom made with love, dedication, and meticulous attention to detail.

Your custom wedding band can be delicately detailed with white, fancy coloured or popular black diamond accents in pave, prong, bezel or channel set or highlighted with blue sapphires, star sapphires and emeralds. We also offer never outdated classic gemstones for gents, such as black onyx and black tourmalines to make men’s bands more vibrant and appealing.

Schedule a meeting with our gemologist and fine jewellery expert who can walk you through the functional aspects of each style and help you design your bespoke wedding ring within your budget.

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Classic Wedding Bands

Browse our Classic Wedding Bands, available in a number of popular band profiles like: Half round, Flat round, Knife-edge, Comfort fit, Milgrain, Beveled edge or Concave, which can be made in your choice of precious metals such as Platinum, Palladium or Gold. Our Gold Wedding Rings can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k gold in White, Yellow, or Rose metal colour to suit your preferences and fit your budget.

All our rings are customizable settings which can be custom ordered in your finger size and further personalized according to your prefered finish and engraved with your personal message to express your love and devotion to your loved one.

Artisan Wedding Bands

We offer a great variety of Artisan Wedding Bands – artistically crafted unique rings with laser carved patterns, distinct finishes such as hammering, sandblasting, florentine, and other unique texture and innovative techniques like Mokume-gane.

We also offer Creative Men’s Wedding Rings grooved and patterned with a handcrafted texture as well as ART-Inspired, Nature-inspired or Celebrity-inspired rings custom made on a special order.

If you are a trendy man and are following the latest trends in Men’s Jewellery you can bring us your own design of any complexity and we can convert it into a wearable art for you, to signify your special occasion. Two-tone gold rings with a tiny Inlay of contrasting gold are increasingly popular and we can assist you in design and craft of these stylish fashionable rings.


Diamond Wedding Rings

We specialize in Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings and Bands made in Platinum – the most popular current trend that is rising in popularity as an alternative to traditional Gold Wedding Bands.

You can adorn your Custom-made Wedding Ring with any desirable diamonds in any size, shape and qualities. We offer certified diamonds and Canadian melee for your side stones and accent diamonds in the most popular shapes such as round brilliant cut, princess cut, tapered and straight baguette cut diamonds to add some sparkle to your custom setting. Natural fancy Yellow and black diamonds along with black and blue sapphires have recently become a new favourite in men’s jewellery.

We specialize in all Diamond Setting Types and can hand-set your sidestones and accent diamonds in any suitable style like Pave, Micropave, Bezel, Half-Bezel, Prong, Shared Prong, Cluster Pave or in the most prefered Channel set to showcase your Unique Ring Setting.  Our new custom designed Wedding Band with embedded hidden diamonds is the most favorited ring setting of this season and adored by both brides and grooms.

Platinum Wedding Bands

At Linara Custom Jewellery, we are experts in Platinum Jewellery creations utilizing state-of-the art technology, latest techniques and creative innovative approaches. Our master goldsmith is equipped with advanced machinery & tools and has 30 years of experience in jewellery making in all precious metals with expertise in platinum.

Platinum Wedding Bands are the most sought-after Wedding Rings nowadays due to a decrease in the price of platinum, making platinum more affordable and favorable for custom jewellery creations. Our Personalized Classic Wedding Bands and Rings have become a popular and bold alternative to Traditional Men’s Gold Wedding Bands.

We are also more than happy to assist you in the design and craft of your one-of-a-kind Platinum Wedding Ring to symbolize your commitment and signify the occasion. Browse our Gallery and Portfolio page to find your inspiration and to learn more about our custom design process


Signet Rings

Signet Ring is a finger ring engraved with a signet, seal or monogram, and typically adorned with someone’s initials or unique designs. Signet Rings are trendy again with a growing interest in customized stylish stand-out bespoke Rings. Nowadays, modern man has almost limitless possibilities when it comes to fit, construction or design of the Signet Ring.

We offer a modern interpretation of antique Signet Rings that can be personalized with rare gemstones like Blue or Black Star Sapphires, Diamond Initials, Engraved Initials or even with Art-Inspired motifs interpreted into unique one-of-a-kind Men’s Ring Settings.

Explore our contemporary collection of recently completed custom Signet Rings in various popular shapes such as: classic Round, conservative Oval, elegant Cushion, and more unique shapes as Octagon, Square and Rectangle. All our Signet Ring Settings are customizable and can be made in your choice of metal: 10kt, 14kt or 18kt gold or platinum. Your Bespoke Signet Ring can be adorned with your favorite diamonds or gemstones in any popular setting style: pave, micropavé, channel, bezel or prong, and engraved with your monogram, initials, signature or unique motifs.

Check out our Gallery and new Portfolio page and learn more about our craftsmanship and the design process. Design your own Signet Ring. It could be your Statement ring or Heirloom to be passed through generations to commemorate a special occasion like a graduation, a wedding, or an important birthday.

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