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Members of the global diamond network are offered access to an inventory of 100,000 loose certified diamonds at wholesale price directly from diamonds manufacturers. We also offer an expansive selection of Canadian diamonds. All offered loose diamonds have a corresponding certificate from top grading & widely acclaimed gem laboratories in the world, are ethically sourced, and include laser inscriptions to confirm all the necessary details & provenance.

Feel free to peruse our inventory which is stocked with certified diamonds that are selected from qualified diamond manufacturers from around the globe. Discover for yourself those loose wholesale priced diamonds which fit your tastes and we will help you put together your own custom-made ethical jewellery made in Canada.

Once you have a diamond in mind you can schedule a complimentary appointment with us and we will allow you to inspect your chosen diamond from our local diamond dealers. Our inhouse certified gemmologist can help to aid you in making an informed decision by providing as much information as is required, beyond the traditional four Cs such as: fluorescence, pavilion and crown angle, table size, and so forth.

If the dream diamond you are looking for cannot be found on our diamond page, please contact us and we will be happy to help you find it.

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The criterion of most importance is Cut, because it includes among other things, indicators of value such as the shape of the finished diamond, a measurement of how well the diamond was fashioned, and its proportions.

Linara offers loose diamonds in all shapes, such as classic Round cut diamonds, and popular fancy cuts: Princess cut, Cushion cut, Asscher cut, Emerald Cut, Oval cut, Pear cut, Marquise cut, Heart cut and other less popular choices. For each selected diamond from our local diamond dealers we offer a private viewing with our in-house certified gemmologist.

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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond


Princess Cut Diamond


Cushion Cut


Ascher Diamond Cut


Emerald Diamond Cut 1


Radiant Cut Diamond


Oval Cut Diamond


Pear Shaped Diamond


Marquise Cut Diamond


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Look through our natural and enhanced colored diamonds which you can select for your bespoke jewel. We at Linara offer a large variety of Natural fancy coloured diamonds and Colour enhanced Natural diamonds that come in different shades, hues, saturation and intensities, such as black, yellow, brown, green, blue, and the rare pink diamond.

Color enhanced natural diamonds can be made to have a more intense color than what can be found in nature, but the enhanced diamonds are less expensive. 

Fancy color diamonds are available in all the various shapes earlier discussed, such as in the Classic round cut, Princess cut, Oval Cut, Cushion cut, Radiant cut, Heart shaped, and so forth. If you prefer to order an engagement ring that includes colored diamonds, such as rare natural fancy diamonds, color enhanced diamonds, yellow or canary diamonds, blue diamonds, or pink diamonds, please schedule an appointment with our in-house gem and jewellery expert to provide information regarding availability of stone according to budget, taste, and personality.

Fancy Intense Pink Pear 1


Fancy Intense Orange Yellow Oval 800x799 1


Fancy Deep Yellow Cushion 1 600x600


Fancy Brown Orange Radiant


Fancy Brown Orange Heart 1


Fancy Blue Diamond 1


Fancy Vivid Green Diamond 1


Fancy Dark Grey Round


Diamond Pairs2


Linara offers matching diamond pairs for Diamond Stud Earrings, Drop Earrings or Two-stone Rings in different sizes, shapes, and qualities to suit your budget and personal taste.

Our matched certified pairs can be found in our Instant Inventory with Certified Diamonds in many sizes for any shape, colour, and clarity.

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We offer matched pairs of diamonds to accent a centerpiece in three stone ring or other multi-stone rings like five stone or seven stone rings.

We also offer Matching certified diamonds for your custom-made multi-stone jewellery like rings, pendants, bracelets or necklaces.

Linara can assist you in finding Matching diamond Sidestones for Anniversary rings, Eternity rings and multi-row Wedding bands. We can supply commonly used matched side-stones such as rounds, princess cuts, pear shapes, radiants, marquise shaped, and rare types of gems like brilliant cut half-moons, straight or tapered baguettes, and diamond trapezoids and many more.

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Linara specializes in eco-friendly Canadian diamonds and offer well-known brand name diamonds like Canadamark, Arcticmark and the oldest and most recognized Canadian Eskimo Diamond™ – Canadian Arctic Diamond from Northwest Territories, ethically mined and 100% pure and clean.

We have direct access to qualified diamond manufacturers specializing in Canadian diamonds and can offer to you these outstanding diamonds at wholesale price.

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Linara offers The Eternity Diamond™ Made in Belgium manufactured to the highest GIA cut standards.

Eternity diamonds are cut and polished by the best diamond cutters trained in Antwerp, the Diamond Capital of the world.

Each Eternity diamond reflects the most amount of brilliance because they cut to the most exacting proportions and for maximum beauty.

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