Ethically Mined & Sourced Gemstones 

Why Ethical?

Much like Ethical Diamonds, it is important we do not tolerate human suffering in the sourcing of any of our Gemstones. Ethically sourced Gemstones must abide by strict policies to ensure the mining process has adhered to socially responsible practices.

Because we source from Gem Dealers who belong to the American Gem Trade Association, we are upheld to the highest ethical standards and business practices in the industry. The American Gem Society is dedicated to both consumer protection and ethical business practices. 

We deal only with gem dealers who hold qualifications from the top regulatory institutions (GEM-AGIA, and CGA). Our dealers have the widest access to rare and unique gemstones in the world, and only source the finest coloured stones.

Taking Pride in our Trusted Network

We take great pride in sourcing from a companies known for taking a stance on humanity and the environment over rewards or recognition. They want to be clear and upfront about their commitment so we can be equally transparent with you – our valued customer.

We deal only with gem dealers who have access to the finest gemstones and minerals. Our standards for having a relationship with gem dealers are reliant that they use the latest techniques and equipment for Gem Cutting, Identification and Certification in order to offer the highest professional services to clients. Rest easy knowing you’ve chosen an ethical product of the highest quality.  

Gemstonesupplier Grande
We offer an extraordinary range of ethically sourced:
  • Traditional precious: Emeralds, Ruby and Sapphires
  • And rare and phenomenal gemstones: Alexandrite, Deep blue Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Mexican Fire Opal,
    Bi-Color Tourmaline, and Green, Orange & Color Change Garnets