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At Linara, our diamond earrings make for a beautiful present on any occasion. We offer a wide range of earrings with customizable options that are made right here in our Toronto Studio.

Choose from our selection of Halo, Studs, Hoops and Fancy Earrings. Every pair can be customized with your choice of Belgium, Canadian or Fancy Diamonds, Rare and Unique gemstone cuts and splendid choices in metal. Our Diamond earrings dazzle with Classic Round and popular Fancy Diamond cuts like Princess, Asscher, Cushion, Emerald, Marquise, Pear and Heart. We proudly sell Certified Diamonds and GIA Certified diamonds.

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Whether you’re not sure where to start or you’re all ready to begin the process today



Our Linara Diamond Hoop Earrings outshine the rest with their shimmering rows of precisely set diamonds. A beautiful addition to any jewellery box, Diamond Hoops never cease to be in style.
We offer a unique selection of Hoops, specializing in Inside Out Diamond Hoops so you may shine from every direction! Our hoops are customizable in your choice of metal and our in-house gemmologist can help you choose from GIA Certified, Conflict-Free, Belgium, Canadian or Fancy Diamonds to compliment your taste and budget.

Along with our speciality we offer Classic Hoops, Oval and Round shapes and a lovely selection of Multi-row Halo Earrings in dazzling pave, secure and fancy shared prong settings.

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Our Linara Halo Earrings are an elegant way to make a statement. A most timeless style, Halo Studs were invented to maximize the appearance of the center stone by encircling it with smaller diamonds therefore making it an excellent way to maximize your center stone’s appearance on a modest budget!

Our Halo Earrings come in an array of beautiful options to be customized for your style, taste and budget. Adorn your center stone with cushion halo or rectangular halo to create a fancy contemporary look. Metal options include Platinum, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, gold, white and pink gold and the style setting can be with any diamond or gemstone hand-selected by our in-house gemmologist. Our Certified and GIA Certified Diamonds are of pristine cuts and qualities.

Add the radiance of Linara Halo Earrings to your jewellery box today with a complimentary consultation at our Toronto Studio.

Whether you’re not sure where to start or you’re all ready to begin the process today



The most timeless of all, our Linara Diamond Studs add the finishing touches to any outfit with endless possibilities from our customizable Earring selection.

Our Diamond Studs come in classic Round, and fancy cuts such as Pear, Cushion, Oval and beautiful Emerald shapes. Create something truly unique with our Trillion and Half Moon rare fancy cuts, found exclusively in our Linara Diamond Pairs selection. Your Earring Setting can be with your choice of Platinum, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, gold, pink or popular white gold with options in 4 Prong, Pave and Bezel for the most secure Diamond Setting.

We’re proud to offer ArticMark and Eskimo Diamonds from Canada and Eternity Diamonds and Hearts & Arrows from Belgium – a Conflict-Free option truly worth the investment. We proudly sell Certified Diamonds and GIA Certified diamonds. Find an ideal cut in our fancy coloured diamonds or let us help you to source the most beautiful matching pair for your Stud Earrings through our one-on-one custom process. Our most secure double gallery or screw back options will ensure you never lose your Diamond Studs.

Gift a unique Diamond Stud pair and make them smile by starting your complimentary consultation today at our Toronto Studio.



Make a statement with our Linara Fancy Earrings customizable and well suited to any occasion. Be it Bridal or Birthdays, our Fancy Earrings will be sure to dazzle and are always well received.

Diamond Drop earrings move as gracefully as you do with their suspended Diamond Lined Settings and Studs in shapes and cuts like classic Round Halo, Fancy Emerald and the ever popular Cushion and Oval. Accentuate your center stone to make its appearance more grand with an expertly set Halo Setting of Round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds. Fully customizable, our Fancy Earrings are a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

Available in Platinum, 10/14/18KT, gold, pink and our most popular white gold. Choosing a center stone was never easier with our in-house gemmologist who can source your ideal cut from our Belgium, Canadian or Fancy Diamonds or choose from our Rare and Unique Black Box Gemstone selection to create a sentimental Birthstone pair. We proudly sell Certified Diamonds and GIA Certified diamonds.

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