Our 3 Step Process…

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We understand the art of jewellery making and can help you create a perfect design that reflects your personality, taste and style, within your budget.


Provide us with a reference photo, written description of your idea or a simple sketch with dimensions and specifications – metal colour, purity, diamond size, number of stones, ets. (Don’t worry, we will help to direct you through these important items).

Starting with rough sketches of your ideas in order to visualize your design, we can establish the final material and specifications to budget the project.

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Here at Linara, we pride ourselves in our diamond selection guidance. We help you to find the perfect gem for your setting. It is important to select the correct size, uniform shape and colour of diamonds with the help of our gemologist.

We hand select and personally inspect each and every diamonds and precious gemstone to ensure their quality. Our direct source for diamonds and gems ensures their competitive pricing and value.

We supply certified diamonds, the finest gemstones and certified conflict-free diamonds from the Canadian Arctic.

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After completion of the CAD model, we will send you the rendered, photo-realistic images of the computer-generated model made of your piece so you may  review, give feedback and approve the final look.


We use Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Manufacturing (CAM) to create a 3D model of your jewellery piece, precisely matching your specifications and preferences. This state of the art technology allows us to transform your design concept into virtual model, ready for manufacturing

Along The Way…

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At this stage, Art meets Technology.

We use the most precise prototype machines available in the industry with suitable CAM processes to produce the best castable wax model for your design. Some models may be hand carved to achieve the best results for your piece. We will choose the prototype method based on the design of your jewellery piece.

Upon your approval we transfer the CAD data to one of the 3D printers to produce the solid plastic resin prototype from the drawing.

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The next step is to cast your piece from the plastic resin prototype in your choice of precious metal using “Lost Wax” technology.

We cast in the following precious materials:

  • 14 Karat gold (Yellow, White, Pink)
  • 18 Karat gold (Yellow, White, Pink)
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
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Once the casting is done it is time to set the stones. We offer precision setting services, with expertise in all types of setting styles (Pave, Micropavé, Bezel, Prong and Burnish).

All our setting work is done under Bench Microscopes with microscopic attention to detail and ability to secure the stones for a lifetime of wear.

We hand set all stones by using old world traditional techniques and artisanal craftsmanship. This technique allows us to create the right combination of support and spacing, and the perfect amount of sparkle.

Quality Control: we inspect every piece to ensure the precision and craftsmanship.

Quality Control: we inspect every piece to ensure the precision and craftsmanship.

The Finale…

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At the end of the design process (step 3) once the jewellery’s specifications are finalized, we will require full payment before starting CAD design, casting and stone setting. As outlined above, each step of the way you are informed, consulted and have a say in the process should there be any need for an adjustment. Our utmost goal is Customer Satisfaction.

Most projects are created in 2-3 weeks after receiving a payment.
Process time depends upon your approval of the design, complexity of design and the overall number of stones to be set.
Your jewellery piece will be accompanied by a complimentary Appraisal by an Independent Certified Gemologist to provide a fair market value based on the current metal and gemstone market.

Please Contact Us about creating your one-of-a-kind jewellery design so we may bring your vision to life.

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