What Makes a Conflict-Free Diamond?

 When you’re in the market for ethically sourced diamonds, it is important to know where to look and what to look for. Our ethical and conflict-free diamonds are a measure of where they are sourced and how they are sourced.

For a diamond to be ethically sourced, it should never have been financed by civil-war, and violence should not have been involved in the mining of your diamonds. The majority of our diamonds are sourced directly from mines in Canada, Botswana, and South Africa.

Because we do not tolerate human suffering in any way, we only deal with diamond dealers that purchase rough diamonds and source in compliance with the Kimberley Process in making sure all our diamonds are conflict-free. We are committed to selling diamonds ethically and with integrity, therefore giving you confidence in your purchase.

Proud Supporter of Conflict-Free

Here at Linara, we are proud to offer Conflict-Free Canadian Diamonds under the CanadaMark tracking process.

These stunning diamonds follow the most stringent tracking process known in the world. This tracking process is known as the CanadaMark™ tracking process. CanadaMark is an origin hallmark, signifying that the polished diamond is of true Canadian origin.

Each diamond is individually tracked and guaranteed to be natural and untreated. Known origin and strict standards for quality and cut ensure peace of mind for all customers.

We offer a variety of brands including that fall under the CanadaMark Journey including  ArticMark and Eskimo Diamonds, and in addition can source any other ethical and conflict-free diamonds from our reputable vendors.

  • Not Financed By War

  • Violence Not Involved in the Mining Process

  • Not Mined by Children

  • Mined by Employed and Adult Individuals

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