A new Source of diamonds has gone undiscovered until the first Canadian diamonds burst brilliantly onto the world stage. Pure in every sense of the word, Canadian Eskimo diamonds are mined and cut according to the most stringent guidelines in the word.


You could say this is a story about good old fashioned stubornness. Or that it’s all about following a dream. Above all it is a story about a treasure that is now the world’s to share. It began began with an optimism that defied logic.

But prospector Chuck Fipke and his partner, Dr. Stu Blusson believed they could. For a decade in the 1980s, the pair scoured the wild land for samples that would show minerals often found in association with diamonds. In 1985, Fipke found them, in a sample he’d taken near Lac de Gras, some 300 km northeast of Yellowknife. Fipke was convinced he’d found evidence of diamond-bearing kimberlites – ancient “pipes” of volcanic rock that bear the hard crystals we call diamonds.

After many years of exhaustive exploration in the Northwest Territories (NWT) by geologists, Chuck Fipke, Stu Blusson and BHP Billiton (then BHP) formed a joined venture with Dia Met Minerals Ltd to continue the exploration for diamonds in Canada’s NWT. The investment paid off in 1991, when diamonds were first discovered at Point Lake, sparkling the NWT “diamond rush” – the largest mineral staking rush in North American history.

Diamonds For The Next Generation

The story of Eskimo Arctic Ice Diamonds has its origins in the pure and icy Canadian North. No one believed that any important diamond deposits would be found in Canada. And if they were, people felt that getting them up from this frozen ground would prove another impossibility. These would lead to the ultimate discovery, its impact felt throughout the world.

In 1998 Eskimo Diaminds (Inc) was created to bring these diamonds to you – Canadian diamonds from the heart of Canada’s North. Every Eskimo Arctic Ice Diamond ensures that the very highest standards of authenticity and quality are maintained in bringing Northern Canadian diamonds to the world.

Tracking The Diamonds

When a diamond bears the Eskimo logo, you can be certain that it’s an authentic Canadian diamond.
The program is supported by CanadaMark tracking program, operators of Ekati – Canada’s first diamond mine. There is no better guarantee than from the mine itself. It’s our promise to you!

Eskimo and Ethical Mining

The Canadian Eskimo culture is characterized by a close relationship with the natural world. Life depends on an intimate knowledge and understanding of nature and as a result, the Eskimos recognize fewer barriers between themselves and animals, plants, rivers, and mountain around them. Many Eskimo cultural practices are based on the essential interaction between humans and nature. Thus, what is unique to the flourishing diamond industry in Canada is the sense of moral responsibility with which all operations are studied, planned and carried out.

Diamonds with 6C’s

Cut, color, clarity, carat, cost and now CANADIAN. This is the new definition of outstanding quality of diamonds.

Arctic Ice diamonds are from the top 25% of rough stones mined from Canada’s North West Territories. Thereby ensuring only the very finest diamonds makes their way to you. The 4 C’s are four variables that are used to calculate the value of a diamond — namely, clarity, color, cut, carat weight.

Diamonds Advice

When buying diamonds, buy what you can afford. Some say two months salary is sufficient. Don’t buy a diamond just because there is a “sale.” This is most likely marketing hype and will not result in any savings. Diamonds do not go on sale because the profit margin is much lower than regularly jewelry and prices are determined more or less on market conditions.

Don’t buy into the hype of carat weight. As explained in the carat weight section, two diamonds of the same weight could have much difference diameter sizes. The last thing you want to do is buy a one carat poorly cut diamond that looks like a 3/4 ct diamond from the top. When your loved one goes to show it off, people will not be impressed with the 1 carat size because it will look much smaller or disproportionate.

Eskimo Certificate

Finally, remember diamonds are a commodity. If you know the specifications are accurate (color, clarity, origin, enhancement features) then you know you are getting a good diamond. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The more you ask, the more you will learn.