Linara specializes in eco-friendly Canadian diamonds and offer well-known brand name diamonds like Canadamark, Arcticmark and the oldest and most recognized Canadian Eskimo Diamond™ – Canadian Arctic Diamond from Northwest Territories, ethically mined and 100% pure and clean.

We have direct access to qualified diamond manufacturers specializing in Canadian diamonds and can offer to you these outstanding diamonds at wholesale price.

Learn more about Canada-mined diamonds: Canadamark, Arcticmark and Eskimo diamonds and craft your jewel with us.

All Canadian diamonds are guaranteed ethical and conflict-free stones with each diamond laser inscribed with a unique id number and are trackable by the Canadian government.

We offer a huge selection of diamonds in different carat weight, shape, colour and clarity for your custom jewellery made in Canada. You can choose your dream diamond with provenance in round cut, princess, oval, asscher, pear, hears and many more by using our diamond global inventory or by contacting us directly.

We are always happy to share our knowledge with you and to educate our customers about Canadian diamonds and beauty inherited in these unique gems.

Check our latest blog about Canadian Diamonds for more information.