Canadian Diamonds are the most significant discovery in the diamond industry in the last hundred years.

ArcticMark diamonds were created to bring these exquisite diamonds to you – Canadian Diamonds from the heart of Canada’s North.

ArcticMark is one of Canada’s most recognizable and respected Canadian diamond brands.

  • Each ArcticMark diamond is truly dedicated to delivering diamonds that have the highest standard of craftsmanship and beauty. Each diamond is tracked from rough crystal to the final product, creating an unbroken chain.
  • Each polished diamond is laser inscribed with the ArcticMark logo, an image of a maple leaf and a unique serial Id number to guarantee its authenticity. When a diamond bears the ArcticMark logo, you can be certain that it’s an authentic Canadian diamond.
  • Every diamond is natural, pure and ethically mined. This is the ArcticMark purity promise.

Articmark Certificate