Our Guide to Sourcing an Ethically Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Canadian diamond.

Linara sticks to the virtue of transparency, believing that it is key to being sustainable and ethical in sourcing diamonds and gemstones for the custom jewellery of our customers.

Because we are a Canadian custom jewellery design company, we strongly believe that incorporating Canadian diamonds into your bespoke designs is the best choice. We love educating customers on Canadian diamonds and sharing our knowledge and expertise on these unique and remarkable gemstones in order to motivate people’s appreciation of ethical jewellery.

The Ethical Supply Chain of Canadian Diamonds in global diamond production

Nowadays, Canadian diamonds are the only precious gems that can reliably be traced back to their original mines and thus have their authenticity and ethical character guaranteed.

The Canadian Mining industry is the world’s most technologically advanced, robust, and sustainable global diamond production enterprise because they operate with a strict adherence to stringent mining laws and regulations, taking care to avoid violating human rights or injudiciously perpetrating environmental abuses.

All Canadian earth-mined diamonds are sold with Certificates of origin and with a corresponding ID inscribed on their girdle to certify the diamond’s authenticity. In addition, all polished Canadian diamonds are graded, mainly by the GIA, but also through alternative well recognized diamond grading labs to verify and certify the diamond’s quality.

Why the Canadian diamond is a Uniquely Precious Gemstone

Canadian diamond mines have the world’s highest quantity of exceptional gem-quality diamonds with exceptionally distinctive features.

Generally, Canadian diamonds are not solely sought after because of their ethical provenance but likewise due to their unique attributes such as their rare white colourless-appearing colour, their great clarity, high luster, and low level fluorescence.  These appealing characteristics are connected with the fact that most Canadian diamonds mined in the Northwest Territories are minerals which have crystalized into gem diamonds in the frigid far north.

Canadian Diamond Brands available on Linara.ca

Linara offer its customers a wide range of Canadian diamonds from the Ekati and Diavik mines.

“The Diavik mine, located in the Archean-age Slave geologic province in northern Canada, is one of the world’s preeminent sources of gem diamonds with a scheduled closing in 2024. Diavik is also one of the world’s most modern sustainable diamond mining operations and one of the richest diamond mines in the world known for superior quality diamonds.” See www.gia.edu/gemsgemology for more information.

We source our diamonds from well-respected local diamond manufacturers and suppliers which are known both for producing Eskimo Arctic diamonds, the oldest and most recognized brand, and Arcticmark Canadian Diamonds. Each brand takes care to ensure their diamonds are responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

Likewise, both brands offer natural and untreated diamonds, which are tracked through a reliable auditing process at every stage of the diamond’s movement, from mine to retailer, accounting for country of origin and other specific quality standards. Ready-processed diamonds are accompanied by as Canadian certificate of authenticity and a Lab Grading report.

Canadian Arcticmark Diamond™Canadian Eskimo Diamond™

Find a Local Jeweler for your Ethical Bridal Jewellery

Nota Bene: local regulated jewellery professionals are normally the likeliest parties in the sale of diamonds to maintain their integrity and abide by strong ethical standards and therefore, local professionals are a wise go-to for customers seeking out those diamonds have been acquired through legitimate means.

According to a reasonable rule of thumb, regulated professionals generally adhere to rules established by their associations and are obliged to follow the Trade’s Code of Ethics. They are thus expected to be transparent about their sources and practices.

Linara Custom Jewellery is a local jewellery designer in Toronto specializing in Ethical Bridal Jewellery set with Certified Canadian diamonds.

We are a regulated member of Canadian Gemmological Association in good standing. Furthermore, we hold a membership at Gem-A and try our best to follow the latest news in the industry.

Likewise, we are a member of RapNet, the Diamond & Jewelry Trading Network which grants direct access to the global diamond network and thereby through our membership with them, allows us to offer our customers wholesale priced diamonds for their bespoke designs.

All our custom jewellery comes with a lifetime warranty on our craftsmanship, a complimentary Value Appraisal and a free of charge Personalization.

We look forward to work with you on your custom project and to answering any queries you may have about the sourcing or manufacturing process. We look forward to bringing your imagined design to life.