Diamonds are some of the oldest things on Earth and a true miracle of nature and so it comes as no surprise that these precious gems are often used to signify the most important events in our lives, one of which is marriage, considered by use to be a life-long and important interpersonal commitment. The wedding celebration is the commemoration of this momentous event and nothing is better than celebrating your special day with those gems which are determined to be ethically sourced and certified conflict-free diamonds. That’s why knowing about the provenance, that is, the place of origin of your diamond, becomes paramount.


When you are in the market for an Ethical Engagement ring and looking for a suitable diamond, we might recommend learning about the Four C’s (carat, cut, color and clarity) and consider the Fifth C for Conflict Free.

Conflict free diamonds refer to rough diamonds mined in those countries which have no connection to war crimes, terror, human & environmental abuses, violence against children, and child labour. These specific countries must be in compliance with the Kimberley process and follow internationally recognized humanitarian and environmental standards.  The majority of conflict-free diamonds are mined today in Canada, Botswana, South Africa, Russia, and Australia. These major diamond producers will guarantee their diamonds are produced responsibly with no human suffering involved, and their mining companies are closely monitored by their governments and local communities to ensure compliance with ethical standards.

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The DIAMOND SUPPLY CHAIN – Ethical Supply Chain

Each and every Ethical Engagement ring is directly or indirectly connected to the diamond supply chain. Whether your diamond engagement ring is purchased from a local retailer, online retailer, from a jewellery designer, or other jewellery professional, your diamond will be part of this supply chain (from miner to retailer).

We strongly suggest that you “Do your homework” before embarking on the search for your dream Engagement ring.  This ring will probably be the most important and significant piece of jewellery that you pass through generations. Find your perfect diamond first! Learn about the diamond supply chain and the process behind your ethical certified diamond.  Firstly, it would be wise to learn about Canadian diamonds. Canadian diamonds are sought after all over the world for their guarantee of authenticity. Most of Canadian diamonds are responsibly mined in northern Canada, Northwest Territories. They are tracked through an auditing process at every stage from country of origin to diamond manufacturer, polishing facility and to jewellery retailers. Each Canadian polished diamond is laser inscribed and comes with the Canadian Certificate of Authenticity,  graded by the GIA or other well recognized gemological labs. Canada’s mining industry is the most honest and robust in the secretive diamond world. Canadian mines are the world’s most modern sustainable diamond mining operations with a worldwide reputation for ethical and conflict-free diamonds.

In short, if you keep in mind all of the above criteria in helping to guide your further research and exploration on the diamond supply chain, I guarantee you will succeed in making a more educated selection regarding a suitable diamond for you engagement ring, while also educating  yourself in the process.


Find a local sustainable jewellery maker. We suggest you select a regulated jewellery professional and a member of a jewellery association which promotes the highest standard of ethics, integrity, and professionalism because normally, regulated members adhere to the Trade’s Code of Ethics, which involves among other things, a conspicuous commitment to selling ethically-sourced diamonds through appropriate means, which for all intents and purposes, requires them to remain transparent about their sources and practices.

Linara Custom Jewellery is a local jewellery designer in Toronto, specializing in ethical Bridal and Family jewellery incorporated with GIA certified and Canadian diamonds. We are happy to educate our customers about Canadian diamonds, the jewellery manufacturing process, and about our responsibly sourced diamonds, gemstones and precious metals. We are a proud member of Canadian Gemmological Association, Gem-A and RapNet Diamond & Jewelry Trading Network.

We offer to our customers the finest source of natural certified diamonds at wholesale price, directly from Canadamark Approved Manufacturers and De Beers Sightholders, and Accredited diamond dealers. All certified diamonds purchased from local diamond dealers in Toronto can be examined and inspected by scheduling a private viewing with our in-house certified gemologist.

For all custom made jewellery, Linara offers a lifetime warranty, a complimentary appraisal, and free of charge personalization.

We love what we do and care about our environment and our surroundings. We hope our customers are satisfied with our jewellery, their design, and the character of our hand craftsmanship,  which we carry out with  passion and integrity.