After making up your mind to propose you inevitably come to the problem of finding an ideal engagement ring that would satisfy all her expectations. This task implies learning about all the sorts of diamonds and gemstones, their peculiarities, types of cutting, options of ring setting, etc. Sounds like a whole bunch of work, isn’t it? However, there is an option to ease your part and still make sure that your future bride gets the ring she has been dreaming of. Proposal with a loose diamond may be a great option if you like the sentiment and romanticism of the conventional proposal, while still want her to participate in the process of the ring design to ensure that it fulfills her wishes.

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Accent on her individuality

Proposal with a loose diamond gives you a chance to show your affection and take her individuality into account at the same time. To decide on the diamond/gemstone you should first determine the style that suits her best. Modern, Classic, or Vintage? Minimalism or Maximalism?

Modern style with princess-cut, oval-cut or pear-cut diamond or other gemstones. Modern style cutting, due to its particular shapes, could suit every individuality and includes a whole array of setting options from plain minimalist to fantastical maximalist ones. No matter what setting you choose, the ring designed in this style will look impeccable.

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Classic style with a round brilliant-cut diamond in a solitaire ring or a halo to create more sparkle and brilliance. Brilliant-cut diamond in a solitaire ring will suit minimalists with delicate taste, while the halo setting would match more sophisticated individuals, who like the ring to shine but not be overloaded.

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Vintage/Antiquestyle is a more complex ring setting with many intricate details such as filigree and milgrain. These are more unique or one-of-a-kind designs, radiating with individual character and charm. They are more expensive, so depending on your budget, you might either purchase a smaller size diamond or completely handcraft your ring to look impeccable.

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Selection of a relevant loose diamond/gemstone is an important step on the way of designing your ideal engagement ring as it helps you to further determine the most suitable band style and metal for your bride’s-to-be dream ring. In order to make a wise choice based on the informed decision, you may consult with a jewellery designer or a company with an in-house certified gemologist. The specialist will help you to learn more about diamonds, gemstones and diamond stimulants and source any of them to you after you have made your decision. Additionally, you can explore an array of great alternatives to diamonds (Moissanites – lab grown gemstones, or Genuine Gemstones) and the ways to make them look as perfect as possible in their setting while still fitting your budget closely.

Collaborative experience

Going through the design process together will be a rewarding and exciting experience for both of you and, most importantly, will show your respect to her preferences. Contemporary women like to take part in the processes concerning their personality and point them in a certain direction. Consequently, to make sure that your engagement ring will become your future bride’s heirloom that she will treasure through the years, you have to pay a close attention to her opinion while working on the design of her dream ring.

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During the design process, you will have a chance to learn about craftsmanship, custom jewellery process along with its old techniques and latest technologies. Moreover, you will get to know your goldsmith personally, which is invaluable as you could design all your rings at the same time. Such an approach would save you a considerable amount of money, time and effort, and provide you with the best matching rings possible. All of these presents you an amazing opportunity to be directly involved in the process of creating your and your partner’s own piece of long-lasting happy memories.

Ring size

Comparing to all discussed above, the size of the ring might look like a tiny little issue, however, due to complex and sophisticated contemporary designs not all rings can be resized. Consequently, knowing the exact ring size before setting diamonds or gemstones in it is of paramount importance. A loose stone proposal provides you with an opportunity to measure your ring again before moving to the final stage of the ring design, which can not go underestimated.


Make it personal

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Proposal is a very emotional and intimate occasion, so your ideal engagement ring has to be unique, personal, and to remind of joyful moments spent by you and your loved one together. You and a bride-to-be can make the ring even more personal by inscribing a message meaningful for your couple alone. It could be your names, the date of the day when you have met each other, your secret phrase, word, or even part of a poem!

Give a special meaning

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One of the latest trends on the jewellery market is incrustation of birthstones or other dear to heart talismans to the pieces of jewellery. Complimenting your engagement ring with a birthstone is another way to personalize and enhance its spirituality. Such a piece of jewellery will not only represent the person wearing it but also protect her and even bring luck.

You should take into account the fact, that not all birthstones are durable enough to be a part of the daily worn engagement ring. Durability of a birthstone depends on its cut, stability and toughness, which varies from one gemstone to another. To avoid a costly mistake and a bitter disappointment, it would be a wise decision to seek advice from the specialist you are working with. Only the certified specialist will be able to explain all the nuances of the birthstone selection process, its peculiarities and help you to make a decision on which would be better to use. Another very practical and pleasant detail of getting a professional advice is the possibility to order the selected gemstone through your specialist and be sure of the highest quality of the ordered gemstone and its matching the engagement ring.