Love is Love…

The world is changing fast which means out with the old customs and in with the new. It isn’t so uncommon now for women to be the one to propose! In fact, we’re living in a beautiful place in time where anyone can propose, get married and share their love. As gender roles change over time, so has the meaning behind the ring! Whether you’re looking for a men’s engagement ring, wedding band, or signet ring there are plenty of options. But here’s how best to navigate choosing one.


1. Budget

Keep in mind a figure that won’t drain the bank. Here at Linara we offer customizable designs in a range of prices to accommodate your personal budget. Because saying “I love you”, shouldn’t mean going into debt. With so many options, it’s easy to fit within a reasonable price range and still show someone how much they mean to you.

Options will range from the type of metal – Platinum metals to Palladium, which is a wonderful substitution for nickel allergies – and the ring’s features. Does it feature a solitaire, accent stones, sidestones or a complex setting of micro pave or french pave? 

Is it a simple band without decoration or a more elaborate style? A popular option for men’s bands is milgrain – an antique technique that consists of milegraining the metal edges. This allows diamonds and gemstones to sparkle without competing from reflected light from a highly polished edge, especially beautiful on platinum. Add the final sentimental touch with  inscription.

Are there diamonds or gemstones? All of these have a broad range of options themselves and our in-house fine jewellery specialist will consult in each of the following details to provide a piece they’ll love, and doesn’t break the bank. We’re proud of our conflict-free options from Canadian to Belgium Diamonds. Choose between an array of classic and fancy cuts and fancy colours. With our hands on custom jewellery process, we can ensure an enjoyable experience in creating a piece made in Canada, within budget.

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Men's Contemporary Design Diamond Ring

Men’s Contemporary Design Pave Diamond Ring in 18k Yellow Gold

Men's Triple Row Wedding Band

Men’s Triple Row Round Prong-set Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in 18k Yellow Gold

Men's Contemporary Chain Link Design Wedding Band

Men’s Chain Link Design Pave Diamond Wedding Band in 18k Yellow Gold

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2. Style

Keep in mind their personality. Engagement rings and wedding bands are incredibly personal for the wearer, and a signet ring is specific to them! If they have an interest in personal style and can often be more out there with their clothing, choose something a little more flashy. If they often dawn a suit and tie, opt for something beautiful but subtle, simple and modern. The ring no longer represents a promise of financial providing but the sentimental notion of forever. Keep your sweetheart’s taste in mind when choosing the perfect ring, and that’s easiest to do when  you create a custom piece just for them!

A diamond or gemstone’s colour can help shape the look of your ring. Black, grey, blue and green are popular choices in creating a modern piece for a gentleman. Even more fitting for a men’s piece is our rare and traditional gemstones. Highlight your piece with a sapphire, emerald, star sapphire or star rubies. Black onyx and black tourmaline are classic and never outdated gems for gents.

When you’re finding it hard to decide, ask a professional. Our in-house fine jewellery specialist will walk you through the functional aspects of each style, will always refer products within your budget and would be happy to help you design your own with our bespoke process. All of our products are finely and proudly made in Canada.

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Men S Hand Engraved Round Cluster Diamond Ring

Men’s Hand Engraved Round Cluster Diamond Ring in 18k Yellow Gold

Men's Initial Signet Ring

Men’s Personalized Monogram Signet Ring in 18k Yellow Gold

Men's Step Style Pave Diamond Ring

Men’s Stepped Style Pave Diamond in 18k Yellow Gold

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3. Sizing

You may be asking how to find out your soon-to-be Hubby’s ring size discreetly. Although rings can be resized, there’s nothing more satisfying than the perfect fit first try!

  • Does your loved one already wear a ring? Trace the inside of the ring and bring it in.
  • Phone a friend – Ask one of their family members to do some discreet undercover work.
  • Next time you’re holding hands pay attention – Are your hands comparable? Do any fingers compare? You may be able to find the size based on your own hands.
  • Ask one of his married or engaged friends to have him try on their engagement ring or wedding band for fun and report back.