Name: Antique Style Engagement Ring

Style: Antique, Asher Cut with Milgrain Embellishment

Setting: Prong Setting (for a center stone and side stones)

Description: Because of the Assher cut and the Milgrain embellishment this ring falls into an Antique Style ring. Millegraining is an extremely tiny beaded detail that finishes an edge on a piece of jewelry giving it an elegant touch with an attention to detail.
“This high crowned diamond cut, with perfect symmetry and 74 facets loses an additional 15% of the rough weight in order to gain the greater dispersion and brilliance associated with an Asscher cut”, claims the Antique Jewellery University.

Materials: 18K White Gold. 

Center stone = Asher Cut diamond (1.02 ct. tw. ) 

Side stones = Round Brilliant cut diamonds (32 stones by 1,5mm = 0.5 ct tw)

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