When a person wants to propose marriage to their loved one, they bestow upon them a ring as an offer of both the promise of forever and symbolism of their never-ending love. It wasn’t always a romantic gesture though. Historically, engagement rings were originally given as a form of virginity insurance. It wasn’t until 1939 De Beers campaign that diamonds were rebranded as a symbol of timeless elegance and promise of forever!

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way in the 21st century a lot of the etiquette surrounding buying an engagement ring and the act of proposing itself is outdated. Let’s take a look at some common misconceptions and rewrite the new rules of engagement ring etiquette.


Rule One: The Proposer Picks The Ring
In the past the proposer has chosen the ring in secret, often bringing along a close friend or family member along for opinion and direction – after all, it’s a big decision and the loved on will have to wait the ring for… well, forever!

The New Rule: You Can Pick a Ring Together
The truth here is nowadays a lot of women or men want a choice in the ring they get. It’s not uncommon to pick out or design a ring together. In some cases, the significant other will have already hinted at their desired style or design and the proposer has taken note. Marriage isn’t a light conversation, so hopefully it’s already been in the cards! Our custom jewellery process is engaging, one-on-one and hands on to help you and your loved on achieve the perfect look!


Rule Two: You’re Stuck With Ring That’s Chosen
Most women will rarely compromise on their style. This means that if you’ve left it up to surprise, you may get something you’re not overly in love with as an engagement ring.

The New Rule: Ask To Exchange or Re-Design the Ring KINDLY. 
You’re allowed to say it isn’t your style: TACTFULLY. Someone just proposed to you, accept if you so choose, celebrate, then express your interest in switching the ring. Polite ways to make this conversation a little lighter and not about the ring itself is to relate it’s appearance to not matching the rest of your jewellery, expressing your for need a different metal to match your undertones, or saying what you love about it first but then recommending a slightly different style. This isn’t a one-sided endeavour. Make your other half feel included and work to re-design the ring or choose a new one.

If you’ve received a family heirloom and you just don’t have the heart to express yourself, I would highly recommend just learning to love it! It’s the sentiment that counts, other options are refurbishing the stone into a new inspired piece.


Rule Three: The Ring Should Cost 3 Months Worth of Salary
There’s a general rule out there that the ring should cost equivalent of 3 months worth of salary. That rule can be interchangeable with a rule that was advertised in the Depression era that brought it down to one month.

The New Rule: Focus on Style and Sentiment
Although we’re living in a time where people are willing to spend more for a quality product and we are more aware consumers than we used to be, there are also more options available to us making a quality product available at a lower price. Trying to buy a ring that you feel encompasses your loved ones style and likes shows more care and love than a price. You can also choose from an array of pre-made, but customizable products like on our site. These types of options are affordable, are still sentimental and make the process easy.


Rule Four: You Keep The Ring if the Engagement Is Off

True & False
As we mentioned before, the ring used to be a type of insurance. As we also said, it’s the modern world! This one’s a tough one because  things can get messy. If the engagement is off, it is only proper to offer the ring back if it was bought for you. If they tell you you can keep it, you should accept the gesture.